Friday, June 30, 2017

crazy woman hits Canadian construction zone flagger, then escapes and is arrested nearby for assaulting her kids. (thanks Andrew!)

A driver in a white Hyundai crossover — whose licence plate is visible — can be seen trying to merge into the stream of traffic from a lane closed for repaving. Orange lane posts can be seen separating the two lanes. Directly in front of the vehicle just metres away is an orange post and a flagger in a high-visibility uniform with a stop sign.

About 39 seconds into the video, the SUV begins to move even though there does not appear to be a gap in traffic. The flagger then steps forward with her stop sign held up, but the vehicle proceeds to hit the flagger and the post, and continue on to overtake the vehicle driving slightly ahead of it.

The flagger can be seen being pushed up against the hood of the SUV before being knocked to the side and partially under the vehicle.

The online video of the hit-and-run sparked outrage, with many flaggers calling for attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon charges.

“They’re threatening to shut bridges down during rush hour,” group co-founder Diane Herback told CBC’s Early Edition. “The flaggers have had enough.”

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  1. assault with a deadly weapon , same as this lady here .
    The biggest part of the LTC course is when and how one can kill someone and have it be an argument to your defense .

    Those last 4words are real important