Saturday, July 01, 2017

3600 mile Superbird that is the 1st Petty blue car, and it's a 440 6 pack white interior car that was midly wrecked in the 70s and stuffed away to gather dust ever since in a barn

The first-ever example painted in Corporate Blue, the 11th Superbird built, came from the factory with a Six Pack, four-speed, and white bucket interior.

Many years ago, Michael Angelucci  followed up a faint trail about a dealership-owned bird that had been mildly wrecked in 1970 and stored ever since.

Once he had figured out where the car was, he spent 25 years making occasional calls and waiting to get a chance just to see it. The owner finally told him to come and buy it; he took cash.

The story : the son of a Plymouth dealership borrowed this bird from the lot, crashed into another vehicle and then went into a ditch the night before his prom.

After rudimentary bodywork, it still could not be sold. The business simply wrote it off and parked it in a barn . . . for more than 40 years. The Superbird’s never been titled. It had been tucked away with the wing and nose cone put off to the side, but it was all there.

Angelucci made the purchase, and then a part of the building had to be cut away to get it out. It is original down to the driveline, glass and Goodyear tires. However, various aging elements had taken their toll even indoors, and this will not be an inexpensive restoration project.

In the meantime, Angelucci showed the Bird at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, with the remains of petrified mice and other assorted “aftermarket trim” acquired during the hibernation.


  1. That engine is way too dirty and used looking for those miles.

    1. 46 years of sitting in a barn with the hod up for some of those years? You may be right, but, I seriously take the word of the magazine people that wrote this up as fact. They have as much or more time as I do listening to stories, and getting the facts and fiction sorted out. Now, if I'm wrong, and you're right, and this whole story is a made up pack of lies? Well, darn it, there goes a fun story that I enjoyed, and I'll go on looking for a new cool story to share.