Saturday, July 01, 2017

Wolfgang Schmidt of Germany’s W&W Cycles, in 2008, led an epic motorcycle expedition along the Mackenzie Ice Road in Canada’s Northwest Territories during the dead of winter, to prove a point, and the reliability of aftermarket parts

To understand why someone would want to ride their motorcycle under such harsh and extreme conditions, you have to go back to a 1990’s Harley-Davidson advertising campaign that implored riders to use original spare parts if they wanted a reliable ride.

Choosing to view that assertion as a challenge, the folks at W and W Cycles decided to prove that it’s actually the other way around… that aftermarket parts were just as good, if not better, when it came to reliability. And to test this theory out, Wolfgang and his team rebuilt two bikes — a 1948 Panhead and a 2006 W and W Custom Shovelhead — and took them for the long cold ride.

Wolfgang used Performance Machines wheels and brakes on the journey through the Canadian Arctic.

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