Tuesday, June 27, 2017

David found the remains of a career in the police force

on the back bumper of this early 50s Ford is a decal from the police of Fort Lewis Washington

Thanks David! 


  1. Make a prodtreet rat rod from the patrol, a police car with the outlaw attitude lol.

  2. You sure that's Fort Lewis Oregon? Last I heard Fort Lewis is a huge Army base located south of Tacoma Washington and is part of the Joint Base Lewis McChord military complex there. I Googled it and checked too. There's no Fort Lewis Oregon.

    1. Am I sure? Nope. I was working on something told to me by David, and that may have been something I interpolated.

  3. 1954 Ford Crestline hardtop with a continental kit, nice. The bus which is returning to the earth from whence it came is definitely a Portland OR transit bus, probably a Mack from the 1930's. Can't tell if its PTC or Rose transit.