Saturday, July 01, 2017

It's rare to appreciate the ratty muscle car, the car that doesn't give a shit, the high school parking lot king. Sam Arent, I salute you!

the owner says:

Owning a Trans Am isn't about screaming 'East Bound and Down' at the top of your lungs, or doing Highspeed E-Brake turns in the middle of a busy interstate (that is still part of it of course)... owning a Trans Am is so much more than that... it's life-style... as an owner you're given the task of weaving together the personas of everything that a 1977 Trans Am stands for...

From unnecessary hoodslides to obnoxious Def Leppard fueled burnouts in school parking lots, to your shirt getting caught on the door lock every time you jump in through the window in front of a good looking girl... it's about owning and driving a car in such a way that it pisses people off... but yet... at the same time... deep down... they wish so much they were in your shoes, doing Rockford Turns in that empty church parking lot.

Shes got Hotchkis Springs, KYB Shocks, a tight steering rack, fresh brakes, and a factory 8 track

in the comments on facebook,

Greg said "This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. My mullet is erect."
Christopher replied "If it lasts longer than four hours, go see your barber lol"

Karl said "I worked at a brothel, that was thinly disguised as a bar, and this car belongs in that parking lot."

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