Sunday, June 25, 2017

A former drag racer built a grant touring Sebring for road tripping across the states and Europe, if you dig redundant systems and planning a bulletproof car, you'll dig this article

Al young won the 1981 Super Street National Championship in AHRA in his evolved Challenger, but he always wanted to build his own muscle car, a car he knew inside and out, where everything is modified and improved to perform better for touring around the world... so that required some planning and improvements, so choices were made on the safe side, not the hi perf side.

A 318 instead of a 340, but with 340 X heads, 360 exhaust instead of headers for clearance, dual ignition systems, a 904 instead of a 727 for less rotating mass, back up fuel pump, the venerable 8.75 mopar rear etc

He bought this Sebring for $500.00 and made it happen. From 2011 to 2013 there were 3 trips totaling 23,000 miles.

When he looked at the cost of seeing Europe, 24 countries, and the options were flying to each, a train to each, or drive your own car... the cost and convienence was decidedly in the favor of his own car, but... it cost 11,000 to ship his car over. (How, I've no idea) so he talked to an old sponsor, and they traded him shipping costs for promotional sponsorship.

Things went so well, they were asked to do it again, and again!

If you ever plan to take your car over to Europe, you're going to learn it's nearly impossible to drive around in... the countries there suspect it's only to try and sell your car there. So they need a better reason. Read this article to get the low down on what to do.

Also, gas is 3 to 4 times the cost of gas in the USA. It's 7 to 9 dollars a gallon.

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