Tuesday, January 03, 2017

the Jiffy Lube mechanic's revenge


  1. You see this is the problem with Facebook.
    This guy thought he was so slick and told everyone what he was doing.
    If there is any reason the dude who owns the car feels the damage incurred is greater than a bruised ego. He can pursue this quite easily.
    Posting images before the event shows premeditation.
    Any resulting damage is willful.
    With intent established, and recognizable work place images, so is liability.

    You must walk softly with a big stick young Grasshopper.

    1. or... it's a gag, meant to inspire laughter and outrage, to get a viral response. Like the guy who dressed up as a pigeon and crapped on cars at the car wash, and who pretended to be a speed camera and took photos of the police driving by. This oil filter thing is likely just a joke with dark humor. Seriously funny to me though

  2. I did chuckle to my self at first.

    It reminded me of an incident a couple of years back when I worked at a Holden dealership.
    Some young apprentice type dudes wanted to go to the Summer Nats, and hatched a plan involving a Holden Berlina.
    The plan was to rent a brand new V8 Holden telling the company they were headed the opposite direction. That should cover it.

    They drove the up market model to the weekend promptly removing the springs and exhaust for a bit of low down throaty c r u i s i n.

    The fun was had, refit and return vehicle, get back security deposit.
    Done and done....

    A week later they got a phone call asking if knew anything about all the damage under the car? And there was quite a bit of it!
    Of course not, they knew nothing...how rude.

    A month later, the magazines came out with the coverage of the event, and here they were. Double page spread, feature image in a national magazine. Half a dozen fellas sitting in the window openings, on its belly, doing burn outs to the delight of the crowd....With the number plates still on! ........fuck we laughed.