Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New 427 Cobras waiting for Halibrand wheels at the LAX Shelby American facility. Photo from the George Watters Collection

one is being unloaded from the plane, with the top down

 The GT-40 program had priority for the wheels so the Cobras had to wait for Halibrand to get caught up.

These are Street versions without the Semi/Competition version's sidepipes, hood scoop and roll bar. These cars are also awaiting their chrome bumpers.


Ken Miles giving Mort Sahl a ride in a narrow-hip 427 street car at LAX

and google says the image can be found somewhere at http://saacforum.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=27706.0

Steve let me know source of the photo is  http://saacforum.com/index.php?topic=27706.195  but it doesn't say a thing about the status of the cars, 


  1. Actually, these are unpainted Comp cars waiting for their assembly... engine, side pipes and roll bar. The first batch of 427 cars from AC.

    1. Well, I wasn't there. I do know that what I said about it came from the same place that posted the photo... so - are you right, with zero links to a source of information, or is the link I posted who found the photo and said that about the cars? Either of you could be, there isn't a roll bar or side pipe in the photo, so... no evidence that either of you are wrong. I'm easy to please, just tell me something cool, and give me a link to a source of information!

  2. They are indeed unpainted and awaiting assembly. I'm not sure where whoever commented when I posted the pic on SS got there info from but here's a link to the page that this - and another - is posted with all the relevant info from the day: http://saacforum.com/index.php?topic=27706.195

    1. thanks! I'll have that up in a moment. The stuff on the net is only as good as the accuracy of the info that accompanies it

    2. and so far I can find nothing about the cars in the image. "Georges comments on this photo:
      "It looks like they pull the cargo jet right up to the Shelby American storage area by the blast wall to unload the unpainted 427 Cobras. It is interesting that the Cobra that is being unloaded does not have its top up! Maybe they shipped them with the tops down and once they arrived the tops were put up since they were stored outside."

      There are 19 Cobras in the first row and a second row behind them.
      This photo would be looking approximately southwest:"