Wednesday, January 04, 2017

if it looks new... it's because it was ever only used once, for about 14 minutes in 1969 when blasting up Pikes Peak

notice the tires are Goodyear Blue Streak dirt tires.... I've never seen any before

I posted about it 9 years ago, and the article from the magazine still is defintively the best I've read about it yet, but this is the first time it's been shown publicly in decades, and finally some new photos are available.

It was a win at all costs built car, and the gears in the axle cost $35,000 all by themselves.... in 1969. The Boss 429 was built by Smokey Yunick.

It was used the one time, then it was retired as Ford decided they were done with racing, and they paid for everything to get the best, and win without doubt.

So they hired the fastest guy to get up Pike's Peak, Bobby Unser, who had already won 10 times previous to 1969 (with open wheel cars 1956, and 1958-62 with the Unser Special, 1963 and 66 with a Chevy, (1964 with Sports Car), and 1968 with the Rislone Special) (He also won in 1986 with an "Unlimited" car)

Bobby Unser drove it the one time, and that run set a record (Super Stock Car 13 minutes 40 seconds) that stood for 5 more years until he broke it with a Dodge Dart.

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  1. Interesting shifter...what was the transmission in that ultra-car?