Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Burkey pointed out this Camaro pace car with a plexiglass bubble on the hood, the 1967 Camaro Cherokee. The blister shows off a Mark IV 396 complete with four dual weber downdrafts.

1967 Can-Am Road America, the driver is the Can Am spokesman, Stirling Moss


Originally built as an SS/RS convertible with the 396-cu.in. Mark IV big-block V-8 engine, the Camaro went directly to the GM Styling studios to be customized under the direction of GM design boss Bill Mitchell to help generate publicity for the then-new Camaro.

 Alterations included split bumpers front and rear, a seamless ducktail-style rear spoiler, a hood tach, driving lamps and a special domed hood fitted with a clear Lexan top that displayed the big-block engine, which had been swapped to the hotter L78 375hp version of the 396, fitted with a quartet of Weber down-draft carburetors mounted to a Moon intake. Turbine-style wheels styled after those used on the Corvette were also fitted. The restyled body was then treated to a custom candy-apple red over gold metalflake paint finish and dubbed the Cherokee.




  1. Awesome, I was admiring a really good shot including McLaren to Matich. When I noticed the bubble.
    396 with quad Webers shown off via a Ferrari type bubble, I love it.
    Another job well done.

  2. The hood tach was optional on the '67 Pontiac Firebirds. That one looks just like the one on my '67 FB!