Wednesday, January 04, 2017

be aware, some really old absent minded people are a danger to be around

a 94-year-old man whose BMW was parked in front inadvertently backed over a 1979 Moto Guzzi SP1000 belonging to Moto Coffee Machine owner Antony Katz and on to the hood of a Toyota. The BMW crushed the motorcycle and smashed the front of the Toyota before flipping on to its side.

“The poor guy driving,” Katz continued, “it was his first accident ever.”

Predictably, Katz is now in a negotiating battle with the BMW driver’s insurance company. NADA book value for the model in excellent condition is nearly $6,000, and that’s what the underwriter is offering. The stumbling block is that Katz has put $9,000 in parts into the bike and 350 hours of labor. It terms of sentimental value, the SP1000 is priceless.

“It had been sitting in a barn for 10 years,” he said of obtaining the bike. “It had been outside for three hours (when the accident happened). I was just about to bring it in to change the tires.”


  1. Poor...poor bike...what a shame !

  2. Maybe some recent auction values would be helpful.

    1. huh? To who? For what? The insurance company?