Friday, January 06, 2017

DJI Developer Challenge

The challenge is for developers to create a drone for a Ford F150 delivery system for use in emergency-response situations. The winning system will be adopted by the United Nations Development Program and will earn the developer $100,000 (around £68,000 or AU$140,000).

Imagine a system that could survey a town recently hit by a tsunami, without putting anyone else in danger. Speeding up emergency response can save lives, and both Ford and drone company DJI are asking the public to build a system to do exactly that.

The DJI Developer Challenge, announced today at CES in Las Vegas, has a simple goal -- create a drone-to-vehicle system using a Ford F-150 pickup, a DJI drone and Ford's onboard software. The winner of the challenge will see their system used by the United Nations Development Program, which will use the drone to survey land that's otherwise difficult or impossible to reach.

The challenge requires developers to use Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system as a base of operations for the drone, through which the operator can control it and see what it's seeing. Real-time data will be relayed back to the truck and sent off to the cloud for further analysis.

But there is the catch, that makes the challenge a pain in the ass, they set the requirements to use their junk, instead of just get the job done with the best gear, for the best result... use a FORD infotainment system? Oh hell no. In fact, why even use a Ford? For best results, you'd get a baja trophy truck, or King Of The Hammer winning all terrain vehicle. Then you'd probably pick a Kharma by Go Pro

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