Thursday, January 05, 2017

At age 26, Jim Bush ordered the muscle car of his dreams, 8 months later, the 1 of 8 Plum Crazy dual quad hemi auto Barracuda was onto it's 2nd owner, them he spent 45 years trying to get it back, 18months of restoration, then sold it again. It only has 12k miles due to a spun bearing

It was left in the band in Eau Claire Wisconsin for decades, though it once made a try for life with a 318, but after 2000 miles that engine had problems too, and it was back into barn storage again

he tried selling it on Ebay, but instead of a million dollars he thought it'd bring, it topped out at only 155k

So he sold it to Fusion Luxury Motors in Chatsworth Ca. (just west of Burbank) and they are trying to flip it at $270,000

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