Tuesday, April 05, 2016

When you're in a vehicle and it is struck by lightning... how safe you are depends on some things you probably haven't thought about.

If the lightning hits a car made of plastic (Saturn) or Fiberglass (too many to list) it isn't going to survive as well as one with a metal roof. Also, plenty of new cars are getting the electronics fried, and the stuff charging at the time (dash cam, cell phones) 

So, if you are in a vehicle that isn't metal roofed, consider finding better surroundings to survive the lightning storm


  1. I have a 93 Saturn, and the hood, roof, and trunk lid are all metal. The rest of the body is plastic.

    1. I didn't know the roof was metal... I thought it was all plastic panels. That shopping cart deflection commercial was a brilliant piece of marketing. So, would the car be able to channel the lightning bolt around the people inside, because of the plastic sides? Probably. I wish I knew a website that had the cars that had been hit by lightning, so we could know how they made it through

    2. I'm pretty sure the A, B, and C pillars are all metal. They would have to be for rollover protection. If I remember right, there is a metal skeletal frame under the body panels. It is supposed to be good in a frontal collision, but I know a few that were T-boned, and things didn't fair well.