Tuesday, April 05, 2016

California state assembly bill aims to create a "parking bill of rights" that frees up spaces on street-sweeping days.

The bill would require cities to open up parking spaces immediately after street sweeping is concluded.

It would also extend a rule that prevents cities from ticketing people parked at broken meters and would stop valets from blocking public parking spots.

Gatto said he has seen abuse of handicapped parking placards, which is exacerbated by rules allowing handicapped parking at expired meters for no charge.

Tow companies would also have reduced ability to issue fines for any vehicle illegally parked as a result of criminal activity, and that was “no fault of the owner,” the release stated.


Prohibiting cities from hiring private companies to act as parking “bounty hunters.”

Requiring cities, when installing new high-tech meters, to allow demand-based pricing. Motorists should not be required to pay the same fare at 11:00 pm that would be required at 11:00 am.


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