Monday, April 04, 2016

all those rip off bastards who wanted to profit 200-500% on the Art Of Von Dutch book, can go to hell. It's been reprinted, and a new copy is less than 1/2 any used copy on Amazon
Compare having your own brand new copy to getting a used copy, at twice the cost!

new are even worse rip offs!

and that, is good news to me, I missed buying a copy when they first were published, I just couldn't afford one. But, my tax return still has 75 dollars left in it! 


  1. I held out! And bought a reprint ;)

    Love the blog

    1. Right on! I bought one before I posted this, just to make sure I got my copy! I took my time reading it, and enjoyed every page.
      Another book I've posted about, the Sketchbook Art of George Raney has been bumped up from under 50 to 15 thou. Effing profit mongerers out there.
      One of his family members emailed me this morning thanking me for my post, and letting me know about the 3 people that took her payment on Amazon and ABE books, then backed out and ran up the price. Extortionists!
      I told her that if I ever get a copy, I'll scan and post the whole thing for free so they are shit out of luck, and out of business, and can't hold the book for a king's ransom. We all can look at it for free if I get a copy. Damn, too bad Google Books never scanned it!

    2. and thanks for the compliment on the blog! Glad you've enjoyed it!