Friday, April 08, 2016

1927 boat tail Rolls Royce 20HP Sports Coupe, rebodied by design for pulling a glider airplane

It was shipped to the USA in 1927 as a rolling chassis. In 1933 this light weight and streamlined body was fitted for Alan Bemis to pull his glider up into the air.

He built a racetrack around his estate where he held the 1934 Wayland G P and other events. The car left the states in the 1950`s for Rhodesia. After Rhodesia's Independence the car moved to Capetown South Africa. It returned to the England in 1994.


  1. Those front and rear fenders look a bit like MGTC's don't they?

    1. I haven't tried to compare them... but if you say so, good enough for me