Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Tanks organized as an insect collection, 1/144 scale mounted, labeled, and pinned specimens.

Tanks Steve!

Kim let me know that Banksy did something similar

And hung this in the American Museum of Natural History, it was two days before anyone noticed


  1. Famous (but very reclusive) UK artist Banksy did one a bit like it, as a comment to W's invasion of Iraq:

    1. thank you! That is one piece of his I haven't seen before, I admire his smart use of simple methods to quickly transfer his templates to surfaces, and get his art painted fast, but, without the loss of crisp lines. His preconceived visuals are so clever, intelligent, and conceptual... and it's superb that he's remained unknown personally, yet, internationally known for just the art. I've posted his art several times, but nothing new has popped up in a while. Thank you! I love this beetle!