Monday, April 04, 2016

The Jefferson Highway, the Pine to Palm road from Winnipeg to New Orleans, the first international highway traversing the United States from north to south through the Mississippi Valley

Early partisans of motoring sought to link together existing roads and then make them fit for automobile driving—blazing, marking, grading, draining, bridging, and paving them.

 The most famous of these named highways was the Lincoln Highway between New York City and San Francisco. 

The highway was planned to be economically beneficial to the region's farmers.

By early 1916, a proposed counterpart coursing north and south from Winnipeg to New Orleans had also been laid out.  

Despite their importance, the old
 named auto ‘trails’ are largely forgotten. 

the Jefferson Highway Convention will be on April 29th and 30th, 2016. in Carthage, MO

Other major North/South routes include-
♦ Atlantic Highway
♦ Dixie Highway (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to Miami)
♦ Pacific Highway
♦ Evergreen Highway (Portland, Oregon, to El Paso)
♦ Jackson Highway (Chicago to New Orleans)
♦ Jefferson Highway (Winnipeg to New Orleans)
♦ King of Trails Highway (Winnipeg to Brownsville, Texas)
♦ Meridian Highway (Winnipeg to Houston)
♦ National Park-to-Park Highway (looped through the National Parks of the West)

Shorter highways-
♦ Blue Pole Highway (Chadron to Fremont, Nebraska)
♦ Colorado to Gulf Highway (Denver to Galveston)
♦ Custer Battlefield Hiway (Des Moines to Glacier National Park in Montana)
♦ Mohawk Trail (Greenfield, Massachusetts, to Schenectady, New York)
♦ William Penn Highway (New York City to Pittsburgh)
♦ Pershing Way from Winnipeg to Lafayette, Louisiana, (named after the hero of World War I, General John J. Pershing)
♦ Three C Highway (Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio)

Historic trails of the past-
♦ The Old Oregon Trail
♦ SantaFe Trail

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