Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trans Am SD 455 that was Bill Mitchell's show car and Firebird Trans AM.. good matched set

I don't think I've ever seen a carb to hood foam piece like this

This is not only a 1 of 1 1972 Trans Am this is a survivor design experiment. To be more specific this is a 30k mile all-original and un-restored 1972 Trans Am equipped with the famous Super Duty 455, that engine was not made available in a production Trans Am till 1973. This car was in storage for about 30 years.

Having only a 310 horsepower rating, the SD-455 came with a reinforced block, special cam shaft, oversize valves, aluminum pistons and header-like exhaust manifolds.  The other engines available for the Trans Am were 160 horsepower at best.

that blue is quite eye searing... no way would I drive a car that interior color all the time

For a look at Mitchell's 73-74 Trans Am in black and gold

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