Friday, April 15, 2016

1958 Forward Control (FC) Jeep bought by the Post Office


  1. Check out that electric powered snowplow pump on the front. I thought all plow pumps back then were belt driven. I plowed snow with one of these, many years ago. They could have been great snowplow vehicles because of the excellent visibility. You can actually see the plow from the driver's seat. Unfortunately, they were not because of what affected all Jeeps at that time - an almost astonishing lack of power. The factory rating of 72 @ 4000 RPM was being more then generous. On the bright side, with a top speed of 66 mph (also a generous rating) it is virtually impossible to get a speeding ticket while driving one. But the fuel economy - oh yeah, it was worse than your average V8 pickup.

    1. good catch! And yeah, that would be incredible for plowing with if it were strong enough