Tuesday, April 12, 2016

new Camaro busted doing 171 mph in Northeast Minnesota

A 36 yr old man driving a 2016 Chevy Camaro SS was pulled over on Highway 61 near Two Harbors Friday after Hermantown Deputy Police Chief Shawn Padden clocked him doing 171 mph, then 168, then 143.

Padden tells the Tribune he had to get his Dodge Charger squad up to 135 mph just to get close enough so the driver of the speeding Camaro could see his emergency lights and pull over.


What is it about the Duluth-Two Harbors expressway?

In February it was a Nissan Sentra doing 137 mph. And on Friday night a jet-black Camaro SS was clocked at 171 mph on that stretch of Minnesota Highway 61.


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  1. Not condoning that, But I'm jealous of Minnesota's roads. In Michigan you can't even drive 10 miles without hitting a major killer pot hole.