Friday, April 15, 2016

This car is claimed to be used in the opening ceremonies of Disney Land in 1955, but I can't find any evidence of that. 1910 Bianchi Landaulet limousine

winner, Concours of Texas, best Pre War Preservation

this limousine has a fascinating story behind it. Built in Italy for a wealthy American living in a small village in Switzerland.

 He returned to America following the Stock Market Crash, and his banker in Switzerland wound up with the car. Following the banker's passing, his widow sold the car to a junk man, who stripped the car of its brass fixtures, and put the body beneath an awning.

 In 1953, a teenager from California who was visiting Switzerland with his parents wandered through the junkyard and discovered the car. He convinced his parents to buy the car and ship it to California, where he restored it.

there was also a 1903 Pierce with the Grand Marshal, and a REO, and a 1904 Rambler, about the 9:30 mark in the following video... I can't find any evidence of the claim that this Bianchi was there

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