Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kaiser Frazer displays lots of guarantees, but they weren't in business much longer

Kaiser-Frazer was the only new US automaker to achieve success after World War II, if only for a few years.

Founded in 1945, Dissolved in 1952

Henry Kaiser had no automotive marketing experience; Joseph Frazer did, having been president of the Graham-Paige Corporation prior to WWII. Kaiser believed in pressing forward in the face of adversity, while Frazer was more pragmatic. As the market for Kaiser-Frazer products slowed in 1949 with the introduction of new designs from the Big Three, Kaiser pushed for more production, creating an oversupply of cars that took until mid-1950 to sell. Kaiser and Frazer disagreed until Frazer left the company in 1951, and the Frazer nameplate was dropped after a 10,000 unit production run.

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