Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Locomobile, J.G. BRILL Co, Philadelphia

The J.G. Brill Company and its various incarnations dominated the world of trolley and undercarriage manufacturing for most of its seventy-year history. Based in Philadelphia, Brill was founded in 1868 by a German immigrant and held in family hands well into the 1930s. At its height, The J.G. Brill Company owned plants in six states as well as in Canada and France.

the Brill company archives include 16,000 photographs, 6000 glass-plate negatives, 10,000 acetate negatives, and thirteen order books documenting the wide array of products manufactured by Brill, including interior and exterior views of railroad cars, trolleys, buses, ambulances, and trucks, as well as images of undercarriages, small parts, and seats.


  1. The truck is not a Locomobile, but a Mack Bulldog. Compare the hood emblem with the one here:


    1. Hey, I know a Mack hood too, but, I alos go with the source when they call a spade a spade. They called it a Locomobile with body by Brill, so, that's what I went with. Why they did that, and not Mack, is beyond our ability to look up and find out. I tried. And that is why the past half dozen rail car posts happened