Thursday, April 14, 2016

Virginia & Truckee motor car No. 99 at the Carson City depot, June 6, 1938. No. 99 had a chassis and engine made by the White Motor Company of Cleveland and a handsome carbody built by the San Francisco coachbuilders Thomson-Graf-Edler.

The Virginia & Truckee’s last passenger motor car No. 99, was a 1921 White Company product with a Thomson-Graf-Edler enclosed bus-body. The two-ton car seated 22 and produced 47½ horsepower.

Built in 1921 for $8,150 as Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad No. 99, the car came to the Virginia & Truckee in 1926 with 14,000 miles on its odometer—for $3,400. Virginia & Truckee re-lettered the car, but retained its T and G number. Like the Canary, which it augmented, No. 99 operated anywhere on the Virginia & Truckee that traffic warranted. Its light weight, and a single operator made it economical to operate compared with a two-man crew on the much-larger McKeen.

 In 1932, the Virginia & Truckee converted the motor car for passenger-mail-express service. Soon in yellow-and-orange livery, No. 99 held down the Carson City to Virginia City assignment. The car racked up 80,955 miles on the Virginia & Truckee

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