Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bang Shift asks "What’s the Greatest Factory Built Drag Car Ever?"

Swiss Cheese Catalina's in the early 60s? 421 Tempest?
300C in the early 50s?
413 Max Wedge?
'64 T-bolt?
Mustang Cobra Jets?

Can the Hurst Super Stocks be considered factory? I don't think so. If Hurst had to work on it, or Holman Moody, or Shelby...  I consider that not factory, and not fair to compare with factory engineered.

Baldwin Motion, or Royal Pontiac... Tasca Ford, Yenko Chevrolet...  those are fair play. Even the Chrysler engineers like Hoover, or Pontiac guys like Wangers, guys that had won championships and national meets, are legit, as the big companies had the good sense to hire them

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