Saturday, May 31, 2008

Specialists in Mercedes Benz 280SL, 300SL Gullwing, 190SL, 450SL

1956 Fiat Abarth 500GT Zagato (the prototype of the small run 500 GT Zagatos) and it was the 1957 Turin Show car

Luigi Argenti of Bologna purchased this car from the factory on April 26, 1958 and apparently entered it the very next day in the hill climb at San Marino and won the 500 GT class.

The boss' '72 Pantera, just back from paint

1963 mk II

This 1969 280 SL is the bread and butter of the company

A no expense spared restoration of a family heirloom, it's looking to hit the concours de elegance car shows and win trophys... around 1/4 million into this 1958 190sl hardtop convertible that the dad bought for his two boys for a highschool driver.

This engine bay is going for trophy winning cleanliness and restoration

1956 Mercedes 300c Convertible D (4 door cabriolet)