Monday, May 26, 2008

1917 Fageol truck and 1935 Dodge panel truck
Made in Oakland California, used a Hall-Scott aircraft engine (strongest engine available) which tied it in powerplant output with the 1917 Pierce-Arrow and Peerless 6-60. The Fageol brothers were more successful at building trucks than tractors and later evolved into the Peterbilt Company
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amazing old tires... solid "deluxe cushion"

In 1917, the Fageol brothers started construction of their own Fageol Motors Company factory in Oakland, California, to build their trucks. In '29, an expansion deal went sour, and in '32, they filed bankruptcy and became Fageol Truck & Coach until '39, when production stopped and T.A. Peterman bought the Fageol factory in Oakland to launch his new truck company, Peterbilt.