Monday, May 26, 2008

Ruxton, legendary in Classic American cars

Legendary among classic American cars, the Ruxton was only produced in 1929 and 1930. About 200 cars were all that were made.

In November 1929, Moon Motors of St. Louis reached an agreement to build the car, which Andrews had by then named the Ruxton, after William V.C. Ruxton, an investor Andrews hoped would support the project; Ruxton didn’t support the project, but it bore his name whether he wanted it to or not. Ultimately, Ruxton sued Andrews simply for the purpose of stating that he in no way supported Andrews or the car itself.

Unhappy with Moon's attention to the project, Andrews attempted to take over controlling interest in the company by buying up its stock. Ultimately, Andrews assumed control of the moribund company, much to the chagrin of its President C.W. Burst, who barricaded himself in the company headquarters in protest.

Despite lawsuits and counter suits, the Ruxton went into regular production in June 1930.
Many, but not all, Ruxtons featured the cat-like Woodlight headlights; while sleek, their performance paled in comparison to normal headlights. Most Ruxton owners soon learned that they either drove their cars during the daylight, or had them retrofitted with normal headlights or auxiliary driving lights.

One 2 dr roadster was auctioned at Barrett Jackson in Jan 2008

First attempt at an American front wheel drive car in the USA. Features a Continental eight cylinder engine and three speed gearbox achieved 70mph. The body is "All steel made of Dodge Roadster stampings at the Budd Plant in Philadelphia. Doors were standard. Cowl was cut in two and widened so seat was comfortable for three people. Rear quarter panels were reworked for proper wheel clearance for fenders. Deck center section was hand made. Fenders were made in temporary dies."