Friday, May 30, 2008

Bengels Custom Auto Tin and Off Road Competition Products, Spring Valley

Hanging on the wall is this 1920's photo that was once in a local bank, and the scene is shot from Mt Soledad looking North to Del Mar... The car has been identified as a 1918-1920 Franklin Series 9
Great smoker! It's an OLD fridge, before they were all plastic, and the door gasket has been replaced with a oven gasket.. where the veggies would go in the crisper area on the bottom is where a small BBQ grill fits in for the heat and smoke... the interior of the fridge is porcelinized (or something like that) and that's why it's a great smoker! ( Well that and the zoomies ) for the webpage of B Engels
This '49 Plymouth has been a father / son project and in this case that means 3rd generation hot rodder! It's getting close to completion, and has a lot of cool stuff done to it... a Jag rear end, Wheel tubs narrowed to fit the back seat in snugly, handmade firewall and Volare front end with 318, pie cut hood, 3 1/2 in taper chopped top, and take in the door work! Sectioning the front and back doors on the drivers side, around 6 inches was transplanted into the front door from the back door, making it look like a factory 2 door from the driver side , but on the passenger's side the back door was kept to make it easy to get people in and out of the back seat. VW headlights will go in.