Monday, May 26, 2008

(updated Aug 22nd )How cars and trucks used to be, according to The Car Connection's veterans.

Isn't working anymore, I wanted to read these tonight, but it looks like "" doesn't want to let you access these anymore.
Business Week .com still has two of these columns in their archives, and makes me wish I'd cut and pasted them all into my laptop memory for future reading

Yoostabees: Speed Laws And Me Only three tickets in 61 years?
Yoostabees: How the Interstates Were Born The long and winding road started right along with man.
How Auto Shows “Yoostabee” Before the glitz and the hype, there was glitz and hype. Just a different kind.
Yoostabees: Owner’s Manuals Can you believe maintenance every hundred miles?
Yoostabees: How Seatbelts Evolved If you thought interlocks were a bad idea, think again.
Yoostabees: Cars and Smoking As cigarettes leave cars, so do their ashes.
Yoostabees: Enforcing for Dollars It used to be that punishments usually fit the “crimes.” Still believe it’s about safety?
Yoostabees: When Gas Prices Were Zilch Today’s gas prices are making us nostalgic for the 1970s.
Davis: Letter from Honduras Even in poorest Central America, cars still figure in the psyche.
How the SAE Congress “Yoostabee” It’s a whole different show at Cobo
How Used Cars Yoostabee Flim-flammery and 50-50 ruled long before the extended warranty.
How Presidential Limos Yoostabee The parade of limousines hasn’t always been Cadillacs.
Yoostabees: The Wheel Turns Full Circle Tweels are just the latest in a century of rubber revisionism.
How Garages Yoostabee Some things remain the same — except the $1.7 million garage.
Classic Cars as Billboards A two-man quest to save classics and eradicate pests.
How Car Magazines Yoostabee The pages of car history have turned over more than you might think.
Dream Cruise Memories How Woodward’s annual homage to hot rods "yoostabee."
Yoostabees: Car Radios Improvements in every direction — except maybe for one.
Yoostabees: Tall Cars Return You think the PT Cruiser’s something new, do you?
Yoostabees: Streets of San Diego Vintage daily drivers abound in California’s backyard.

And a couple dozen more