Wednesday, June 05, 2019

they do have an adorable air conditioned bus for touring the largest farm in America

Fair Oaks sprang into existence in the late 1990s, planned from the start as both a dairy and a tourist attraction -- and by "attraction" we don't mean some dinky petting zoo with a dozen heifers in an old barn. Fair Oaks spreads across nearly 30 square miles, and has 36,000 cows pumping out 280,000 gallons of milk every single day.

Does that mean I endorse it? Nope. I do think their marketing dept had a genius at bus design, but they are going to have a tough time with the animal rights activists.

And their spokesman didn't deny it. He took a look, declared that he was “disgusted” by what it depicted and took “full responsibility for the actions seen in the footage”

Newton County Sheriff Tom VanVleet said his office has requested the names of the people shown in the video.

“We acknowledge the need for humane treatment of animals and the need to hold individuals that have gone beyond an acceptable farm management practice accountable for their actions,” VanVleet said in a statement.

Investigators are working with the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office, VanVleet said.

“We have requested the names and identifiers of those terminated for animal cruelty by Fair Oaks Dairy Farms,” VanVleet said.

“We will also be seeking the identity of the witness to the alleged crimes that failed to report this activity for some time.”

I'm all for eating critters, but not for abusing them while they're living. There's not a single reason for abusing them like that video shows is happening. Simply feed them, make sure that they are healthy and get looked at by a certified and experienced vet, then kill them fast and as painlessly as possible (a bullet to the head or guillotine will do) and then butcher them cleanly, get the USDA or a rabbi to certify it's been done professionally and well, and then fire up the BBQ. But being mean? Nope.

For a well done on site butchering, see and don't act surprised that I admire it, I love tractors, and you don't find many people that dig tractors who didn't grow up making food from animals. 

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