Friday, June 07, 2019

a quad slumbers on in Argentina.... a 1918 Nash Quad to be specific... and it needs a new home. Anyone know of anyone that is looking for an obscure 101 year old truck to waste a fortune on?

Do you know what they will have after spending a fortune to make this look and work like new? A paperweight that won't ever move, because there is nothing anyone is going to do with a brand new 1918 Nash Quad... but watch it gather dust and depreciate in a museum. Either a personal museum, or a professional museum.

Either way, waste a fortune, and watch your museum get closer to bankruptcy too.

The fastest they would move is 18 mph. They weighed 6200 pounds. 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steer, and 4 wheel brakes.

Here's what they look like when restored, I shit you not

they look like a work bench that people put junk on. Because there's nothing else to do with one. Sad? Yeah. That cost enough to feed a small village in any country you can find on a map, and it was wasted and used to store water coolers and other junk.


  1. I drove one of these up at a farm museum in South Dakota. Very hard to steer if you are not in motion. But it was fun.

  2. You're right, its nice to think that every piece of automotive history will get restored its often a colossal waste of time and money.