Sunday, July 22, 2018

Here's an example of big city police work... getting shot at while driving. SO, if this freaks you out, do NOT try a job as a cop or armed security for any reason whatso-ever.

You can see at the end of this video how freaked out this cop was, he couldn't reload his pistol for shit. That reload ought to be smooth as silk, just 3 movements in under a second.

Of course, you can also see that his windshield shows how badly he was aiming at first. An inch between shots a foot away from his pistol? Is 10 or twenty feet between bullets by the time they are anywhere near that SUV he was trying to aim at. That means those bullets were not hitting the SUV they were going on past it and hitting the neighborhood at random. WHY is he jeopardizing the lives of the people in the neighborhood?

His fumbling around for at least a 5 count, when he ejects the magazine with the wrong hand, and load a new magazine with the wrong hand, is so absurd. He's lucky to be alive, as those morons trying to kill him are probably a hell of a lot faster and smoother with a reload. He ought to able to fire every bullet he carries on his uniform with accuracy in under 30 seconds including reloads.

Full 4 minute video below


  1. Saw this on another blog and there were guys explaining away the criticisms. IMO it's a miracle that he emptied a Glock 17 on a moving vehicle from a moving vehicle he was driving and didn't hit any bystanders. Also dumb luck he didn't get shot as he got all crossed up trying get out of his vehicle and reload at the same time. Simple, reload then get out.

  2. thats good shooting and driving

    glad the cop killed the person that was shooting at them.

    now if the Las vegas police dept would just tell us the truth about what happened at the concert shooting instead of all the coverup.......