Friday, June 01, 2018

US firefighters helping out in Mexico


  1. hmmm.

    high pressure water spraying on the border fence might keep illegals from climbing it

    set it up so its motion activated and automatic.

    1. They wouldn't ever have enough water, water pressure, pumps, pipelines, etc etc. They sure as hell couldn't use potable water.... but, at each end of the border with Mexico is a hell of a lot of salt water.
      But this image is a cool bit of doing the right thing, no matter what nationality. When people need help, especially from a fire, you just help them. It's different than discussing what to do with people trying to break into our country illegally. I'm very against illegal aliens, illegal immigration, etc. I know I sure as hell am no better than anyone, nor is anyone better than me. Therefore, as I get no special treatment for being in any other country illegally, none shall get special treatment from me for being in my country illegally. I know damn well that being in any south or central American country illegally would never have a single local helping me, nor arguing for me to get welfare from their govt

  2. I bet those on the other side of that wall about to lose most if not everthing were not illegals wanting to sneak in for a handout and were grateful for the help. If situation was reversed they would probably do everything they could. Reminds me of the Lac Magantic train derailment where Maine firefighters didn't even consider it a border crossing only a response to help. As for illegals thinking more on flamethrower rather than water. My stance is if I were to return to Germany as a civilian to work I would know the language and culture and be prepared to support myself, not show up saying I'm a foreigner you owe me something.