Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mark just sent me a link to a video from WW2 New Zealand. That was where South Pacific Island Jeeps were sent for rebuilds and reconditioning. The video is really interesting, here are some screen grabs, the video isn't available anywhere for me to embed

cutting the body off the frame

after stripping the body of anything that unbolts, it was fixed up, painted

then reattached to a chassis

Wrecked and damaged jeeps, salvaged from the war zones in the Pacifc, are reconditioned in New Zealand motor assembly factories.

This video is the story of Allied Co-operation, the United States Army and the New Zealand Motor Industry transforming a supply of combat vehicles in the South Pacific. The restoration of these used vehicles was carried out at Ford Motors, Seaview, Wellington.

3000 vehicles were restored and returned to the Pacific War Zone.

check out the video here: https://www.ngataonga.org.nz/collections/catalogue/catalogue-item?record_id=70023

Thanks Mark!

After the war was over, there were several places Jeeps were getting reconditioned and sold to civilians:

The following companies remanufactured a total of 16,176 jeeps in the United States according to Charlie Weaver via Jim Allen’s book “Jeep”. There are examples of the data plates applied to the dash of jeeps by the companies below. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find examples for all the companies. Next to the companies are the number of jeeps each is credited with rebuilding.

1. Bechtel McCone 4,986
2. Allison Steel Manufacturing Company Plate 2,865
3. Moore Equipment Co plate and a second one and a third one. 2,443
4. Higgins Plastic Corp 1,850
5. Stewart & Stevenson 1,750
6. W.A. Bechtel plate 1,555
7. Bishop McCormick & Bishop (no examples found) 343
8. International Diesel (no examples found) 267
9. Vancura Motor Company (no examples found) 66
10. A.M. Meyerstein (no examples found) 49


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