Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Supreme Court told law enforcement, "not so damn fast" They do NOT have the power to search automobiles without a warrant if a vehicle is located on private property adjacent to a house police will generally need to meet a higher burden before searching it.

The case began in 2013 when officers noted an stolen motorcycle commit a traffic violation.

Without a warrant, an officer walked up a driveway and took a picture of the motorcycle. He pulled off the tarp and ran a search of the license plate.

That cops are looking to recover stolen motorcycles is great. That cops aren't aware of the fact that they are violating the constitutional rights of citizens is not.

Back to training class cops, learn what's legal before you break the damn law. Geez guys, it's pretty simple, you're not allowed to break the laws, you're the guys supposed to believe that breaking the laws in America is the thing that is so bad we citizens have to pay taxes so cops get hired to stop people from breaking laws, then arrest the people breaking laws. So, either learn the damn laws, or arrest yourselves.

Me, I can't understand how cops aren't better trained to know the laws, ESPECIALLY the constitutional rights, and how to avoid crossing that line.

Oh yeah:  I just remembered, most cops can't help it, they feel compelled to cross the line.


  1. Thanks Jesse, one more example I can use when teaching my middle and high schoolers about the bill of rights - know them, and don't count on the government to know them better than you do.

    1. From the many news items I've seen, it doesn't matter if anyone knows what the rights are, after the cops assault you and or your family, you lawyer upo with the best you can afford, and maybe the city or county settles in a couple years, or not.

      But the cops get paid vacation and go back to work eventually

    2. the one example I recall of a lawyer who straight out told the cops the case law and statue was even arrested. The cops replied tell it to the judge, then arrested him. I thought it was very interesting that the lawyer knew the cases by name and date though.