Sunday, May 27, 2018

it is shocking to learn that UPS has lost, and given up attempting to find, the 4 new wood wheels on the original hubs and irreplaceable Michelin rims of the 1911 National. If you can bring some brass knuckles to this fight, let UPS know they've got some looking around to do

Brian Blain left this announcement on the prewar racecar, gow-jobs, and speedsters facebook:

This 1911 National was headed to Indy where it ran in the first Indy 500, but UPS Freight lost the wheels.

 Four new wood wheels on the original hubs and irreplaceable Michelin rims.

After 3 weeks they stopped returning my phone calls and messages and suggested I file a claim.

How can they lose a pallet that is 4ft x 4ft x 5ft tall?

The worst part is they don't care and won't even respond.

Maybe some of you have some clout with UPS Freight, apparently I don't.

if you can lean on UPS and help Brian and a historic car, his contact is


  1. Someone's head should be on the block.

    1. Exactly, and I hope that by spreading the word, someone might learn of this and put someones head on that block

  2. Sad, they lost a car door I had shipped to me once, said they could never locate it. I did get paid for it...but still.

  3. I've had many bad experiences with UPS. I once shipped a dirt bike engine within my state, yet they sent it half way across the country. It took over 2 weeks to go 2.5 hours drive away. I've received several items half hanging outside the package on arrival, and have had the service people argue with me over the phone I avoid them whenever possible. They're horrible.

  4. Fedex is worse...One of many times they left a package in my garbage can 650' from my front door..No note either, if I hadn't looked into the can my wife never would have gotten whatever stoopid thing she ordered.
    She was a sucker for those catalog sales...