Friday, May 11, 2018

What Cadzilla looked like before becoming a legendary custom

I've only come across Cadzilla in person once, at the NHRA museum


  1. I think it looked better before, but that's just me.....

  2. Cadzilla has always been one of my Boyd Coddington customs I have fallen for. Anyone who cannot see the master Craftmanship involved in customizing should not even talk. Greats such as Carrol Shelby, Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington where legends and their work was outstanding period

    1. indeed, their work was outstanding. I really dig that Boyd had hired Foose and Jesse James, and Charlie, and gave those super talented people a hand up from obscurity to a place where their talent could really shine. Same with Shelby and the drivers he hired, like Bondurant, and the designer Peter Brock!

  3. A work of art a true masterpiece the cadzilla belongs next to the mona lisa

  4. This car originally belonged to an eccentric lady in Wickenburg, Arizona.. she parked on our street. 1950's wide dresses and wide hats,white gloves.