Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tour de France 1899


  1. Love that racing 'wedge' shape!
    And just look at the smile on that guys face!

  2. I see from the link this is one of the Decauvilles that gained the first three places in the voiturette class in the 1899 Tour. The Decauville has a place in history was the car that prompted Henry Royce to build a car (that evolved into Rolls-Royce). He apparently bought a new Decauville in 1903 and it was so bad he figured he could do better.

  3. If the story here is to be believed the driver of the Decauville #67 is Fernand Gabriel who went on to a successful racing career, winning the 1903 Paris-Madrid race (that was stopped at Bordeaux), and coming fourth in the 1903 Gordon-Bennett race in Ireland.