Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Dumont took best of show at Daytona's Bikeweek 2018, frankly, because nobody brought anything special to challenge for the top prize. Everything else looks the same, lots of speakered out baggers. So? Everyone seems to build those, what's the big deal?

Made in Brazil, by Tarsus Marques. If I read the translated articles right, he has won the Bike Week best of show 5 times previously.

I posted about it months ago, but couldn't learn anything. You can read all about it finally at  or

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  1. At first I thought it was a Lycoming engine but then I saw the double R's on the center valve cover. I didn't realize Rolls Royce made smaller aeronautic engines? That's just one of the many things I love about this site!

    1. Thanks! I didn't focus anything on the engine, but it's an airplane opposed 6 and I didn't verify it, but it seems to be labeled a Rolls Royce.

  2. Tarso Marques not only can build interesting bikes, he also raced F1 and CART.
    He was not a great F1 pilot but he made it there and that beats 99.999999% of us.

    1. He certainly washed out in F1, but he did incredible in the racing leagues up to that point.. .. but that isn't as much about talent, as it is money. 99.99999% of us aren't born into wealthy families that sponsor us into racing, get us loads of track time, pay for many racing schools, training, and the best equipment. That isn't putting him down, that is stating the facts, rich kids get rides. Poor kids don't get to compete at all. I don't bother mentioning his racing career deliberately, he didn't have one of any significance.
      I focused my post on what IS significant, he overcame the problems with trying to 100% source all his bikes materials in Brazil, and has built and won the "Best Of Bike Week" many times.
      Nothing he accomplished in racing holds a candle to that. Making something and winning competitions is far more difficult than sitting in a race car and not screwing up as bad as the other racers.
      And Bike Week is the highest level of international competition for bike builders. To win there is proof that you simply have no equal.
      So, why are you mentioning washing out in F1 again?

    2. I respect the guy for even making it to the F1. Even if he didn't succeed at that level.

      Every weekend thousands of people get into racetracks all over the world and yet only 20-30 pilots per year make it to F1.

      There is more than just $ behind a pilot making it or not at that level. You need to have skills that most people don't have. Not just $.

      In Tarso Marquez' case if anything his problem was that he didn't have the $ to remain in F1. Minardi always gave his seat to pilots that were slower than him but had better sponsors.

    3. And I respect him for the custom bikes. We are different, but both of us respecting him. That's pretty cool.
      All your points are on target, but, you contradict yourself with my own line, he made it as far as he did by money, and when he had no more money to bring to the (F1 in this case) racing, that was it. Anyone else with more money (even you state this) was given his seat by Minardi. See? We agree, but differently.
      Skills? He may have had incredible skills, again, I pointed out how he won in lower leagues, but, wasn't good enough for F1, though, with more money, and seat time, and races, might have been.
      That's all there is to it, and again, I'm still focused on this post on his custom bike talent, skill, and fantastic results.