Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Interior of Rococo period Pullman car. late 1800s


  1. So why is it we lost the ability to build exquisite things like this in America?

    1. we can still build it, but, no one can afford it. Look at Steinway pianos for example. Still built the old fashioned way. Think anyone buys them new? I doubt it, companies might, university music departments perhaps, etc... We can also build nuke reactor power plants, but no one wants them.
      I think that's an aspect too, we cna do and build amazing things, but not cheap enough to make any of it commercially viable, because the workers who do the labor have to earn enough to pay rent, and that used to be next to nothing. Now, it's 1100 a month, or, 5 times what my parents paid for a mortgage in the 80s.