Tuesday, May 08, 2018

acrobat Max Schreyer doing daredevil bicycle flying stunt from long ramp. 1900.

Riding a bicycle down a narrow chute from a tower 110 feet in the air, picking up speed on the downward part of the chute and then swooping upward off the curved end of the chute.

Just before the bike left the chute, he had to propel himself from the machine and dive forward in a graceful arc to land headfirst in a water-filled tank 100 feet from the end of the chute.

In their day, Schreyer and his fellow daredevils were probably household names. Schreyer, for example, had a career lasting nearly a quarter-century. He performed all over the United States, in Canada and in such European capitals as Paris and London.

Here is a launch he did from on top of a car sales building, where there were many manufactures advertised on the building, Maxwell, Oldsmobile, Mercer

Photographer William Hassler was there for the above event at Broadway and 59th Street on November 27, 1918.


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