Friday, May 11, 2018

an old Jeep truck abandoned in the forest... dang, that's sad

back in the 80s or 90s, I bet you could have seen a lot of these. I know where I grew up in Michigan it was such a long distance to the nearest junkyard that most people just left their old cars behind their barn, along the back fence, or on some forgotten road in the woods behind their home. They've all gotten bought for scrap metal and hauled out now. 

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  1. Back in the 1950's (yeah, I'm old!) we often traveled through far upstate NY (several hours due North of Syracuse) and I often saw old cars parked out in farm yards and behind barns. I asked my Dad why, "Well, the guy goes to buy a new car, the dealer offers him $100 for the old one. He gets mad and says the parts are worth more than that, so he takes it home and leaves it in the yard so he can sell the parts, but he never gets around to it." A great benefit to hot rodders!