Thursday, May 10, 2018

Terrible news from India highlights what a deplorable condition some countries are in due to lack of honest merchants

Don't drink anything that isn't in a sealed container from a manufacturer... and be careful what you eat, too.

Indian tea seller caught using water from train toilet. Enough said? But, keep in mind, a middle school student making a science fair project found that in American fast food restaurants, many ice machines were more contaminated with E-Coli than the water in the toilets.

This incident follows recent scandal in the eastern city of Kolkata, famed for its Bengal delicacies, police this week unearthed a racket in which 20 tonnes of rotten meat from dumps was being sold to restaurants.

Police suspect a lot more had been sent out to city restaurants.

Still want to travel the world? Bring some dehydrated K rations. Or, wind up finding out what the local hospital care is like.

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