Thursday, May 10, 2018

it took 15 years and $33.7 million wasted for Fort Lauderdale to figure out that streetcars aren't going to happen, as the projected costs kept increasing

the original project cost was $142 million, the most recent and rejected bids were for around 193 million, and the projected cost over runs would add to the total, now an estimated $226

Seem ridiculous? 200 million plus or minus 10 perent, to put in street cars... for 3 miles of track.


  1. Atlanta street car, 2.7 mile loop, about 100 million to build and 5 million annual operating costs, maybe 700 fares a day. Instead of putting down tracks the could have used buses that ran on natural gas.

  2. Wish there was one ounce of common sense in California. The state continues to waste billions on a high speed rail project that will cost ten times the original estimate, not meet the promised trip times and require taxpayer subsidies to operate. All while air travel will continue to be faster, cheaper and competitive.

    1. You first mention common sense. Then you finish with air travel getting cheaper.
      Ok, I'll ask the stupid question, with what common sense, also known as logic, do you attempt to convince anyone with a logical and open mind, that air travel will be any one of those 3, much less, even 2. Shit, you can't find it easy to make a good case for even one.
      1) cheaper. Nope. Rates haven't went cheaper, and the price of fuel for airliners has only increased. They pass that cost along, and it costs more to fly.
      2) competitive. There are fewer airlines every decade. Ergo, less competition.
      3) faster. Ahhh, you must have forgotten the Concorde. Nothing will be faster than that, and they ain't ever going to waste money on that idea of super sonic passenger flight again.

      What were you saying about common sense, again?
      Also, I've already posted, they gave up on that high speed rail to Vegas, also know as it failed, months ago, contradicting what you said about "state continues to waste" and whether it ever cost 10 times isn't something I can counter, I don't know what they promised at first, or what they estimated when they gave up.
      Now, I read or posted something about a try from LA to points north, and that's about all I can remember about that.
      I heard this Morning that they have completed an underground line along Sepulveda, by the Boring Machine and Elon Musk's company... and that doesn't sound like it's long enough to be a high speed line.
      So, I think everything you came here to argue has been rebuffed. What is the name of your website, I'd love to see what you post about