Saturday, March 10, 2018

LA to San Fran high speed rail construction is in progress, but try to figure out why.... it's only 5 % funded. Yep, it's about 75 to 100 billion dollar estimated tci, but only has 3 billion to work with

It looks like not only is a bullet train from LA to San Fran impossible, there ain't NO Effing WAY there will ever be one from coast to coast, or north to south.

They had an idea that the bullet train could be built about as cheap as a road, or a railroad.

Well, everyone had an issue with environmental impact studies (because highways, freeways, and railroads were built without them and seemingly killed everyone and everything that ever existed, and one more railroad would be a holocaust of nuclear war levels, seemingly)

My guess is that every single city that get's bypassed, every county, every union, and whatever else that could possibly profit from the construction or way stops of the bullet train all decided to blackmail the rail, and if they didn't get paid from the feds to shut up, they'd get paid in studies of water district impact studies, migratory bird hatching site studies, farming bureau transportation impact studies, highway and road crossing construction delays, etc etc etc. Any and every possible delay that would raise the costs of the bullet train to more than the blackmail costs and kickbacks.

The project was initially studied and deemed to be a 33B cost. Now, they're saying that it's 75 to 100B. Roughly 3 to 4 times the original cost study.

I had a dream, well, a hope about the bullet train getting a route around the USA...

Wouldn't it be cool to have a loop around the USA from

 San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans to Jacksonville,

Atlanta  Savannah, Charlotte, Norfolk, Washington DC, Philly, New York,

to Boston, (and if Canada wanted some tourists, then to Montreal,  Toronto,)  to Detroit
if not, Boston to Buffalo to Cleveland

then Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver to Seattle

then south to San Fran, LA, and San Diego


  1. As per the California High-Speed Rail Authority web site.
    High-Speed Rail Authority Releases Draft 2018 Business Plan, Solicits Public Comments.
    Extend the Valley-to-Valley Service from San Francisco to Bakersfield:
    Deliver 224 Miles of High-Speed Rail Ready Infrastructure for Use by 2027:
    They still haven't figured out how to get from Bakersfield to Burbank. Seems like there are some big mountains in the way which have always been there!

    1. I read something about a 34 mile tunnel, the longest ever conceived of