Thursday, March 08, 2018

it only cost about 1500 to let city hall know a farmer was done talking.

A farmer, Mr Cannon, 71, who repeatedly sprayed NatWest's Ponteland and Newcastle upon Tyne  bank branches with manure during a decade-long dispute after accusing the bank of making unauthorized cash transfers from his account and ruining his livestock business.

David Cannon's disagreement with NatWest ended with the bank agreeing to pay more than £300,000 in an out-of-court settlement

Which seems to be a simple and frequent used way to let govt office workers know that the blue collar farmers aren't putting up with any bullshit

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  1. I remember this, this is the actual story, nothing to do with quarry pits or Local Town Hall as we call them, but the bank making unauthorised withdrawals from his account. The building is the actual bank (Natwest).

    Unfortunately the guy committed suicide after he was diagnosed with cancer.