Tuesday, March 06, 2018

a 28 yr old woman ran a stop sign, and drove into a house told cops she had been praying with her eyes closed at the time of the crash.

you already know I'm opinionated, and whenever you read what opinionated people have to say (even on their own website, hint hint - just move along to avoid being offended) you're most likely to find that they have a point of view about a topic that you don't.

It's some sort of cosmic irony that easily offended people read the stuff that opinionated people write.

Speaking of cosmic, lets get to the story of the photo above.

She is 28 years old, and still believes that you have to close your eyes to make the magic happen. Like, the imaginary father figure with super powers that reads all minds of billions of humans simultaneously since he did a magic trick and poofed the universe into existence, can't tap into her brain to listen in, unless her eyes are closed.

Really? So, while driving a car with about 3000 pounds of moving mass pointed at things she chooses not to look at, carrying gasoline and about 800 amps of electricity in the battery under the hood, for reasons only she knows, it seemed the most important thing to do was to make time in her busy schedule to send mind waves of desperate hope to the imaginary galactic omnipotent being that is keeping track of her good deeds, and if her tally when tossed in a coffin is more good than bad, she gets a super vacation in a place, that for some reason is off planet, yet undiscovered, and it's existance is soley based on believing it to be true, because the people that have convinced her are looking for her to make donations to their bank account (Jim and Tammy Baker say thanks by the way) and letting Jesus take the wheel for how ever long her prayer took, made that choice as a person smart enough to get a drivers license.

In Florida. Where, for some reason, some really stupid people have done some incredibly dumb things, in various ways, that makes the news on a fairly often basis. Maybe it's the water? After all, some people believed that there was a fountain of youth in Florida, and perhaps it's not this idiots fault that she felt she had to close her eyes while driving. She may have drank some ditch water while handling snakes to get closer to the spirit of her galactic super dad.

Or, there's too much lead in the water from the city.

I wonder if her church is coming to bail her out of jail, or pay her tickets?



  1. You will get no argument from me. I will never understand these people, my parents took me to church when I was a child but by the time I reached my mid teens and realized what horseshit it was I stopped going and have not missed it a bit.

  2. Jesse, MORE SOCIAL COMMENTARY PLEASE! That was hysterical. While we assume she was of some christian mind washing, it is possible she was paying her respects to the Flying Spaghetti Monster...

    1. Pastafarian? Well, I hadn't considered that. The back of her car should be checked for the fish symbol, or the walking fish, of the FSM magnet. I haven't seen those in a while, but it's a laugh to spot them. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2015/10/an-austrian-man-has-won-right-to-wear.html
      I especially love the joke variations, like the N Chips magnet http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2012/12/n-chips.html

  3. How foolish those superstitious people are to believe that the universe didn't pop into existence by itself for no reason at all in complete violation of the laws that have been governing all of reality since then and that molecules just make themselves alive on their own and somehow become self aware for no particular reason and that eventually every living thing will die and every star will wink out and the whole universe will slowly sink into the infinite abyss of cold dark nothingness from whence it came and it will all be as if it never happened at all. People who don't believe that shouldn't be allowed to drive.

    1. Superstitious people are foolish, you're right.
      Billions of years, yeah, how could anything occur over billions of years. Not that a closed minded person like yourself could perceive what billions of years are, or have the mental ability to comprehend that the same reason cancer happens, cells that mutate and run amuck, randomly changing from what they were originally to something expected and with a life of its own, has a lot of insight into what's likely to have occurred in billions of years of hot wet planetwide existence of hundreds of thousands of microbial life.
      After all, I'm positive that you're as able to describe why children have autism, are retarded, and yet both their parents are healthy and smart, and that is in one generation. Now try hundreds of billions of generations of changes in hundreds of thousands of life forms around the planet.
      But, religious zealots who can't think for themselves would rather point in a vaguely upward direction, and tell each other repeatedly that they believe in the invisible super power that poofed everything into existance less than 12 thousand years ago, according to a book written by illiterates, which can't account for fossils, since we can figure out that a fossil of a creature that hasn't existed on the planet in the past million years is real, takes a long time to change from organic to mineral, and then somehow is found in a layer of rock that took millions of years to form from ancient sandy ocean bottom.
      So, why not close your eyes for magic spells to get extra ooomph from your mind so as to be heard by a super being not even on this planet, while you're operating a car on the road.
      What could possibly be found to be objectionable and dangerous about praying while driving?
      As for every living thing dying, well, maybe you're too stupid to have been educated as to the number of things that are already extinct in just the past couple hundred years, but dodo birds, black rhinos, Tasmanian tigers, sea mink, and many many other creatures are simply no longer living.
      That's in a hundred years. Now try and wrap your brain around how many will cease to exist in the next thousand as humans leak nuke waste from the tsunami damaged radioactive power plant in Japan, which has been leaking into the Pacific ocean and due to ocean currents getting around from Asia to North and South America, and as humans war on each other, and make lithium ion batteries so toxic only China will allow them to be processed from raw ore but the waste byproducts are getting into the dirt and the air, and the underground water.
      And the forests in South and North america are cut down for copier and toilet paper, and aren't changing carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis so the atmosphere slowly changes,
      and the pollution from mass manufacturing pollutes all countries through engine exhaust, and rubber tires getting worn down by roads, and petroleum extraction techniques crack the layers of bedrock between crude oil fields and water which then makes the water deadly to frogs, fish, and humans, and birds.
      So yeah, every living thing on this planet is going to die rather quickly in the long life of the universe, and nothing on earth will be around when our solar systems star eventually burns up it's hydrogen corona, and has a rapid expansion due to it's changing mass, about 5 billion years from now, and envelopes Mercury, and Venus well the heat from that will cook our planet off, nothing will be left but ash, dust, sand and rock. Then our sun will have a little problem glowing and will change to a black dwarf.
      Or, you know, Isaiah 13:10. It pretty much all ends the same. Not that it really excuses crazy people from closing their eyes while driving to get a telepathic message across the light years distances between them and galactic invisible super dad.

    2. I seem to have touched a nerve. I will be sure to pray for you as I drive though your neighborhood at top speed with my eyes closed.

    3. Cops don't like it when you do that, and premeditated vehicular manslaughter isn't something you ought to publish on the internet if you trust in the court system and not a religious event to keep you out of prison

  4. The only reason she crashed is because Jeusus couldn't take the wheel due to being stuck in line at DMV getting his license renewed.